I am a Motivational Speaker, Comedian, Improviser  and Coach.  I use Humor to deliver useful information in an entertaining way, where people will actually remember and be able to use what was said.

I use tips the tricks I learned as a Stand-Up Comedian and Improviser to help people in their corporate and personal lives find a better balance in their work flow needs so they don’t Burn Out.

My talks usually specialize in Creative leadership & problem solving, Teamwork as well as build stronger teams with the use of improv games.

My philosophy is a simple one… “Your reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.”

I must have given you my card. Well there are a few different reasons for this… choose the best one below that fits the conversation we had or your current needs.

As different as they may seem they are all about Communication! Add my Organizational skills and I can do amazing things for you.
Let’s discuss your needs.

Feel free to contact me at Jess@koolnonsense.com