Allison Merriweather, American artist

Little Allison was so excited. After years of struggling in school she finally had an assignment she thought she could do well. Unfortunately, the school system turned her excitement into despair. The one time I could have been singled out as having talent I ended up being unfairly punished. I was in third grade and we had an assignment to illustrate a story. I was interested in the project and took it home to complete . I drew on all these pieces of paper and stuck it together. But, when I brought it to school, the teacher didn’t believe that I had done it and the other kids didn’t either. They thought that my older brother or my mother had done it for me. As punishment, I had to sit outside the classroom on a chair.

Fortunately, Merriweather has found that she does have a talent for art, and can succeed. Today she owns her own art gallery. Her work can be seen on the covers of numerous magazines across the country. And her commissioned paintings are in high demand.