Gary Cohn a Dyslexic

A teacher once told Gary Cohn’s parents that if they were lucky, he might grow up to be a truck driver. “I was a horrible student,” Cohn, the president and COO of Goldman Sachs, told a room full of teachers. On Thursday night, Cohn was honored at Teach For America’s Annual New York City Benefit […]

Dyslexia and Business Acumen

The data is hard to believe: It has long been known that dyslexics are drawn to running their own businesses, where they can get around their weaknesses in reading and writing and play on their strengths. But a new study of entrepreneurs in the United States suggests that dyslexia is much more common among small-business owners than […]

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: composer

Born: March 18, 1844 Died: June 21, 1908 As a student in school, Nikolai Rimsky struggled to learn. But as student of music, he excelled. A pupil like myself had to submit to Balakirev a proposed composition in its embryo, say, even the first four or eight bars. Balakirev would immediately make corrections, indicating how to recast such an […]