Coaching for when you need motivation and renewed skills to achieve your goals.

10665988_10152843835126844_4751271136930596675_nI am here to help you figure out your plan of action. I direct you without telling you what I would do… What’s right for one man is not always right for another. You’re still your own quarterback calling your shots. My style is direct and free of some of the “lingo” a lot of men find a bit too “Spiritual” or “Earthly Crunchy.” Nothing wrong with words like Manifesting or Putting it out into the universe. I make it about your road to what you’re calling success and why you want it.

I am here to guide you with the right questions. Teach you proven theories to create the healthy habits you need to reach the new goals you set for your new future.
I will be the one man that is there specifically to  
     A) Listen to you, Imagine getting 100% attention.
     B) Bounce your ideas off me.
     C) Have you talk out your issues, Venting helps to reveal and recover.
All the time with Coach is non-judgmental and 100% Confidential.

I am available in person in the Philadelphia area, or virtually anywhere with Skype or Phone. It’s all about the relationships and how we work together.
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Let’s talk about your new future.  It’s your move.