Bob May: Pro Golfer

Born: October 6, 1968

While dyslexia may have closed certain doors of Bob May, golf opened many more.

We would drive up to Bel Air Country Club to see Eddie Merrins. We would do it every Sunday from about the age of 12 until, gosh, I got out of college. We would drive up and go see him, and I worked with him and Tom Sargent, who was the head pro at the club I grew up at.

Now, well into his career, he is thankful to be doing something that he loves.

You get caught up out there and you start playing golf and when you do have a little success like I did, and you start making a decent amount of money, and you get caught up in that, and you really lose why we play golf

I realize that, you know what, I played the game because I loved the game. When I took it up as a kid, you can make a decent living, but you weren’t going to get Rich and wealthy, unless you were a superstar. Now, the game has gotten big, and you can make a nice living. But I think that a lot of players have kind of forgot why
they play golf, I think. That’s my perspective. I learned that I play golf because I love golf. If I wasn’t playing golf professionally, I would be involved in some way.