Emi Flynn: Director of Multisensory Learning Associates.

Like most children, Emi Flynn looked forward to starting school. Sadly, her excitement soon faded.

When I started school the following year, I was so excited to learn to read like my brother. But reality quickly hit. I couldn’t figure out how to remember what the squiggles on the page said. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t remember when I tried so hard.  Arithmetic was just as difficult. I had to use my fingers to add number together, but as things got more complicated, I ran out of fingers. It was hard to remember which number was 6 and which number was 9. When we started multiplication, I mixed up the “plus” (+) and the “times” (x) signs. Somehow the magic I had looked forward to wasn’t there. School was not fun.

Eventually diagnosed with dyslexia, Flynn went on to complete both high school and college and found Multisensory Learning Associates, committed to the idea that Awareness, acceptance and understanding of the dyslexic learner is an important step to successful educational intervention and remediation.