Nicola Hicks: British sculptress

Born: 1960

As a child, Nicola Hicks found nothing of interest in the pages of books. She struggled to make out what the wavy lines were saying to her. But there was nothing wrong with her imagination. Today, Hicks imagination is finally free from the constraints of the classroom, and she finds inspiration for her work everywhere:
in her pets, in nature, in random pieces of trash.  Anything you could say about sculpture you find in the tiniest bone, Hicks is always sketching.

And given her fame and the value of her work, she could probably sell even her random sketches for a
profit. But she does not. Instead, she says, I chuck them out all the time . . . There’s something about scrap paper that stops you being precious. You can throw it away and no-one need know.

Hicks’ drive and speed are famous. Perhaps it comes from her sense of always needing to catch up with others. Or perhaps it is just the need to catch up with her own racing creativity. It’s not just impatience. You would lose track of that little thing that made you want to start in the first place.