Richard Taylor: WETA Companies in New Zealand.

Creative Director of WETA Companies in New Zealand.

You will probably never meet Richard Taylor, but if you have lived on this planet for more than a few years you have seen his work.

Our crowning achievement has been the globally acclaimed The Lord of the Rings trilogy for which WETA Workshop provided the design, fabrication and on-set operation of the creatures, special make-up effects and prosthetics, miniatures, armour and weaponry. WETA Digital also provided the full range of digital services from simple compositing through to animation of fully computer generated creatures. For WETA’s role on these films I was fortunate enough to receive five nominations and win four Academy Awards and three BAFTAs, over the diverse disciplines of costume, makeup and visual effects. And for our work on King Kong, I have been awarded an Academy Award and BAFTA for visual effects.

Though he did not do well in school, Taylor has had a wonderful education.

I often attribute a lot of my early knowledge to a very special make up training program by Dick Smith, the Academy Award winning make up legend behind films like The Exorcist, The Godfather, Amadeus and Taxi Driver.

And, with the help of his wife, he is reaching out to others who aspire to greatness.

Tania and I are focused on the development of highly creative projects, and embracing the enthusiasm and passion that young New Zealanders can bring to the creative arts.

About Jess:

Combining my 18 years of visual communications skill from Designing layout and animations , Art Direction and Creative Direction with my Public Speaking skill-set comprised of Improv, Stand up comedy and Art Instruction I am ready for the next stage of my career. Learning every step of the way that being unstoppable is nothing more that believing your unstoppable. Looking to get into leadership training, team building and above all a place that I will be proud to work for. Company culture of constant growth is my kind of place. If you can use my skills in a creative way contact me.


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