Major companies such as the well known “The Second City” use improv exercises to design new and interesting corporate entertainment formats and corporate training tools.  Many important elements of successful business development, such as trust, active listening, innovation and the understanding and building of relationships can be developed using exercises created in the improv community.

Participants in improv corporate workshops learn a new way of thinking, a new respect for others in negotiations or transactional relationships, how to be “in the moment“, how to make positive choices that keep doors open, proactive listening as opposed to passive or even responsive listening, trusting one another to do the right thing and the benefits from watching the other guy’s back.

We play games to make work better and more fulling, there are games that help in all aspects of business. We can help you build all kinds of skill sets needed in todays market.

Games: Examples of exercises for developing spontaneity and the overall the improving of improvisation skills are used in almost every teaching institute for improvisational theater. Here are two well known games:

One Word At A Time: Students stand in a circle, and proceed to tell a story one word at a time. This game develops the ability to speak the first word that comes into your head. This game makes it seem like some other force is telling the story. In order, the dialogue come out like this as an example – “There” – spoken by the first person, “was” – said by second person,“once” – third person,“a” – fourth person,“child” – fifth “named” – sixth, “biff” – seventh person … and in this way the story continues, being created by the whole group together.