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Random Samples of past projects

I have been working with The Internet or the online world since 1998, it has been a fun ride of bubbles bursting and ideas of how the internet should work. Now we are in great time for the consumer with site content easily updated and the social media bubble we are in today.

There are so many great tools at your disposal with plug in and apps that you can have a powerful site that does what you want without the need of a pricey programmer. One of my favorite platforms is WordPress. (See more about it at http://wordpress.org/)

I am impressed with the flexibility and ease of this platform.
Some sites I have created with WordPress throughout my Career that are still active (Website Lifespans are not predictable… But one thing that is great about WodPress is the ability to change the look of the entire site with just the push of a button. This can help your site stay fresh in this world of expected user interface needs.

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While at Cambria Corp: We created this website for a client wanted a clean, simple and user-friendly website. The homepage was supposed to communicate the different situations where one would need the site’s services. The turtle graphic on the homepage is a very powerful one that shows the urgency of the need for the services offered by the company, but also presents it in a light manner.

(Same Client as Above) http://www.esmmart.com/


Face-lift to Existing Sites