Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: composer

Born: March 18, 1844 Died: June 21, 1908 As a student in school, Nikolai Rimsky struggled to learn. But as student of music, he excelled. A pupil like myself had to submit to Balakirev a proposed composition in its embryo, say, even the first four or eight bars. Balakirev would immediately make corrections, indicating how to recast such an […]

Larry D. Silver, M.D.: Author

Larry Silver knows only too well the difficulties students with dyslexia face in the classroom, and the long-term effect those difficulties can have. If an individual’s learning disabilities are not identified and addressed, the student will underachieve and possibly fail. Even if this student manages to get out of high school, his or her educational weaknesses may limit future job/career and educational […]