Event Production

Koolnonsesne aka Jess Carpenter has been producing Comedy Shows and Music events for the past 6 years. With that said I come from a management and design background. So I am very much about making sure my shows run smooth and on time. I choose the best talent I can find that will fit my shows themes. I even created an imrprov format called the “Comedian Deconstruction” we just
performed at the 2015 New Zealand International Comedy festival. The show in the us has been running for 4 years and is one of the best kept secrets in town. We are also in Auckland NZ on a monthly basis.  More information about Comedian Deconstruction is available here on the site. Please check it out and tell your friends.  http://comediandeconstruction.com/2015 flyer2 copy

Then there is the Blue Room, everything that I love about how clean and nice the Donstruction Show is the blue room gets the rest. I wanted a room where the comedians can play with off color jokes, risky material, jokes that are on edge but are well crafted and that is what this show does.  The venue is a music venue with posters all over the walls and dark with cheep drinks. perfect location for this show. The show is just getting off the ground and I cant wait to see how I can make this even better. Oh and its FREE!
Blue Room

Fundraisers: I love to use Comedy to raise money or awareness to a good cause. here is an example of a show I through for the PSPCA and a Dog named Garth that I fell in love with when dropping of blankets on day. FYI I have given all online proceeds from Comedian deconstruction since the start of the show to the PSPCA.  For this show we raised money and got Garth adopted as well as a trainer donated free dog raining to the new family that adopted Garth.