Strengths b4 Weakness

Figure out what you’re good at and become better.

Working on all your skills needed to perform better or get you to the place you want to go is important. But when you take a personal inventory of your skills and abilities that got you to where you are at the moment is the first step in a realistic action plan.

To know your skill sets will let you know what you should do with your next steps. Don’t think so much about what you “can’t” do that just add way too much negative thought process. Gather a list of your skills talk to your work associates, your manager, see what they see in you. Take some tests. These Strength tests are not Pass and Fail style from grade school they are l about reactions to situations and scenarios and how you feel about things. DO NOT answer the questions to these test like your trying to impress a stranger! The more honest you the answers, the more accurate your results.

There are many significant tests out there, Myers-Briggs, Strenght Finder by Gallop, I use Foursight with teams I am working.

When you update a resume, you are supposed to highlight your strongest skill set to enable you to fit the best position for you. The same goes for life and goals. Yes, we all want to be great at something we are not, and we must be realistic at times that we are only 5’8” and not going to be a Professional basketball player.

Notice how you use your skills on the job, in your personal life, as a way to solve problems or to help others.  You need to know your skills/talents to know how to achieve your goals.