Website Workshop (The Project)

The Design and Development Challenges a 2 part challenge to show how you can take an already existing site that is neither SEO friendly nor Client friendly (The site is in HTML and Flash which means if the client needs to add or remove something they have to call the designer.) The site also has 2 micro sites that need attention as well. What we will be doing in this exercise is putting the theory talked about in the book “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-Free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business”   into work. I tend to agree with everything this book talks about. I found this to be very good for any small business and even medium size business that needs a better way to market themselves.  More about the book. 

This is not just about websites, but it does give some great advice of ways to use your site and ways to think about the new way the internet works. I absolutely love this book and you will find that all my sites use this approach. I will show you how we can all do these simply and cheaply, and on your own with minimal help from others. Not like you don’t need professionals… I am not trying to put myself out of business here. I am just trying to show you how there are some things you may be good at and some things you are not so good at. There are some things you need to do on your own in this way of thinking so if you are afraid to put a little bit of work into your online presence it will show.
So here is the main site, and all its issues:

Site address:

Main Issue: HTML and Flash not easy to update

Solution: “WordPress” blog will be a great way to make the site an easy to use and update site with all the bells and whistles you can ever ask for.

SEO: almost nonexistent…

Solution: We will make sure as we make each and every page that we take the time to make the page as Search Engine Friendly as possible and it’s also great to have new relevant information they love that.

Content: needs to be spell-checked and reformatted as well as updated to support a point of view. Currently it’s not very organized as well as not friendly. We also want to be more welcoming as well as give the visitors something for free, a reason to share the site with friends.

We need to Add video and Audio to some parts of the site and get the site’s E commerce section cleaned up and working properly. We may need to contact a developer for this.

This site will have 2 satellite micro sites with their own branding and specific audience group. So we need to work on these as well with the idea in mind that “Themindsetstore” being the point of check out.