1111 the KEY to Habits

The perfect recipe for achieving goals and a game plan to get there.  I use to make a wish at 11:11,  now I make habits which help me reach my goals. 
11:11 is now my way of setting and achieving goals. It’s fun, easy and there for useful like most of my talks and tools. I try to communicate useful information thru humor and analogies.  I teach how to make a habit that sticks, turn habits into “Mind-Muscle Memory.”

Perform your habits and achieve your goals:
You need to know what are your goals.
Why do you choose those goals, and what is the goal behind the goal?

 Now you have your goals; now we have to figure out what habits will get you to achieve your goals.
 Now you’ll have your habits listed so we can incorporate them:
Wear in the day are they going to happen?
How are they going to be implemented
Is there a habit you already have formed that you could just attach a new habit too?If/when = then:
When I brush my teeth, then I will take my vitamins.
If the waiter asks if I’d like dessert, then I will ask for herbal tea.
Your adding a habit to an already established action or changing a response to an action you are trying break Like ordering desert or smoking with coffee. Once your habit takes root (usually between 21 to 45 days) then you can start adding new habits to bring you closer to your goals as well as strengthen the skills you need to have when you achieve your goals. Habits are meant to prepare you for arriving at that goal.
When setting goals you have to act like you’re going to be that result, you walk the walk; you talk to talk.  You prepare yourself for the actions that are going to be expected of you.
Habits or what shape you to take the position that you picture yourself in. Your goal is your motivation, your habits that’s what get you there that’s the gas in the car that takes you to where you need to go.
It’s just like your body and your mind. Your body is the vehicle to take your mind all the places it wants to go. You need your body to be healthy and in the shape for your mind to experience everything, go places it needs to, do the things that will get it to where it needs to go. Your mind needs your body, and your body needs your mind to create healthy habits to keep it healthy! 
So how does 1111 and work into this equation:
1111 is my way of reminding myself of my goals and reminding myself of my habits because you have to be aware of what you’re doing and the more you make rituals; the easier habits are to create. If you have a goal that you repeated to yourself, your minds primed for how important that is to you and you subconsciously are primed to look for anything associated with it.
1111 is the very first habit I have you learn because you need to show yourself that you’re able to form a habit and see how habits work then you believe in habits and you’ll use habits as a tool.  
First, you set the alarm on your phone at 11:11 AM and PM to have your phone vibrate. I usually just have my phone vibrate y once or twice nothing major in case you’re in a meeting.
I list a goal on my phone, and at 1111 I’ll read or remind myself of my goal they could be either in your notepad or on your phone screen background. I do that for about 21 to 30 days. Then turn off the alarm and see id at 11:11 you expect that phone to vibrate and you pick up your phone and see it’s 11:11. It’s a kool feeling. You will also see 11:11 in your daily life more. That is an example of priming your mind. 

Below: an example of motivations for goals I set for the background images on my phone or Pad/Computer for 11:11.