Dave Morrison: founder “The Right Stuff” and “Express Workout.”

Like many dyslexics, Dave Morrison has used his combination of observation with creative thinking to succeed in business. That is how he got the idea to create “Express Workout.”

We sat in the lobby of one of our full-service clubs several years ago and watched our members come and go. At the end of the day we realized that 95% of members were not even using the locker rooms. We had to ask ourselves why were we building these large full-service clubs if members weren’t going to use most of the
facilities anyway? Why not give them what they wanted by reducing the scope of our future facilities and passing the cost savings on to members in the form of lower, more affordable membership dues?

Not concerned with keeping his success all to himself, Morrison has supported another fitness innovation, www.workout.com.

I know Joe, and I think it’s great. Anything that’s going to encourage increased knowledge of the business is good for all of us. It’s great for everyone involved. [I hope] the site encourages people to at least get some help in the initial stages of working out.