David Burdoch

David Burdoch: chairman of Castle & Cooke.

David Burdock’s first break in the business realm was when a
stranger loaned him $1200 to buy a dying diner.  He bought the
diner and quickly made it profitable.  He sold that business and
bought another one, thus beginning a career that would be lead to
his rising to the chairmanship of Castle & Cooke and owning his own
Hawaiian island.

But Burdock’s first break in life came from his decision not to
give up on his dreams.  Throughout his struggles with learning he
persevered, always believing he could do more.

There is only one thing that can stop you and that is yourself.
Don’t think of what you can’t do. The most powerful thing is the
realization of what you can do.

There was only one goal which exceeded his grasp.  He lost his
first wife, Gabrielle, to cancer in the 1990s.  Believing that good
nutrition might have prevented her death, he turned his
determination to founding the Dole Nutrition Institute in 2003.
Today he is one of the leaders of a strong movement in the
nutritional world to find foods that allow people to live longer
and healthy lives.  He was the moving force behind the Encyclopedia
of Foods, A Guide to Healthy Nutrition.

Having dyslexia didn’t stop me anywhere, any way.   It was probably
an advantage.