Why are you collecting Dyslexics?

Here is a site full of great information.


What did you do when you realized you had these “Limitations” ?I did what most dyslexics do: I worked around “it”… Didn’t say anything about “it”. ..and did just fine… if not better because of “it”.
Communication has always been my goal. I could not write what I needed to communicate so I had to figure out other ways. Being a “severe dyslexic” made traditional learning not very user friendly for me. So I have always had to figure out other ways to do the same things as everyone else. This turned out to be a gift when it comes to communication of all types, not just written, but spoken, user experience, graphical and intra-office communication.

Because of this “Disability” I was labeled with: I am fascinated with communication and the way the brain works. In this great digital world we live in we have so many great choices on how we communicate. We have options to reach more people today than ever before. How are we utilizing this to our advantage? Are we forgetting that we are social creatures and that with the advances in communication we can get our point across to the world… how cool is that? But are we forgetting about the person on the other side of that cubical wall. Communication is also all about getting the individuals to work together as a team. The more we communicate in the office the better our brand, the happier our life.

I am passionate about:

Learning more about how the brain works especially with Communication and Learning

Online and Social Media, how the way we use the web is how we shape the web,  trends and their effect on small and large business.

Communicating with fellow Dyslexia and Non-dyslexics about how this “dysfunction” can be turned into our biggest asset. 

Being a true dyslexic… we tend to like experimenting to see how things work and what we can use this for? So I hope you like what you see and if you are interested in this stuff and have a question feel free to ask.

My Idea of fun is teaching my clients how to use and build a better online brand. My passion is public speaking. My goal is to Combine the two…

I use my experiences as a Designer, Team Leader and Creative Direction combined with my communication techniques like humor and improv to show  small companies:

How to create a stronger team and use their employee’s abilities to the fullest.

How to get Departments or Project Teams communicating with a group mind point of view.

How managers can help turn a performance issue into a opportunity.

So whether it be through laughs in a comedy club telling jokes or from stories about my life as a dyslexic my goal is to inspire!