Why Koolnonsense

What happens when a Art Director in the corporate world wants to chase his dreams of helping others and having fun in the mean time. Koolnonsense LLC is what! The corporate world is full of rules and old ways of doing things that can be considered antiquated and stuffy and even worse negative to your bottom line. Your staff is the machine that makes your company move and grow, so help them enjoy their work, their peers and their process of getting thing done. The more you like going to work the better work you will deliver. So make sure work is a positive experienced where they are happy to be part of the solution.

Improv to Improve:
This is nothing radical, Koolnonsense will help your company with team building through fun improv games, we will help your marketing and creative people with new way of brain storming, this will be fun and fast, we can help the CEO figure out what why some employees are better at some tasks than others and how to use everyones skills to the best of their ability. How Kool is that.

We teach through fun and entertainment. There are all kinds of books out there and we say go for it, Reading is a great way for some to learn. But our founder Jess Carpenter thinks that you can get more information absorbed by your people when they are having fun and enjoying themselves, than you would through an inner-office email or assigned reading. We are kind of like the way you hide vegetables in some foods to make sure the kids get their daily allowance…

So when you are looking to get that graphics department ,accounting department or the whole company to be a bit closer and thinking together, with more creativity you need some Koolnonsense to spark those creative fires.

Put the Koolnonsense experience to work for you. Jess@koolnonsense.com

Koolnonsense works with your goals in mind.  Our passion is helping other by teaching them how to help themselves. There is nothing more rewording than knowing you can do something you could not do the day before. We are here to foster relationships, strengthen communication and to make your group or company a strong unit.

Specializing in corporate team building activities, games, and workshops that will:
» Build trust
» Open the lines of communication
» Break through barriers of geography, unfamiliarity or a recent corporate merge?

With The Koolnonsense Team Building Activities or Team Training, your group will experience innovative, fun programs that build trust, promote communication, and alleviate common workplace barriers.

Our team building activities encourage high performance teamwork in a challenging yet playful atmosphere. They are interactive, engaging, and full of humor. Whether your group needs to work on their team process, or simply bond through a fun experience, Koolnonsense has the program to meet your needs.

Our Results-Oriented Team Building Programs Can:

Improve your team process by:

  • Rewarding and celebrating team success
  • Building camaraderie and collaboration
  • Training staff in a fun, memorable way
  • Increasing motivation, inspiration and energy!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Create an environment where healthy risk-taking is fun
  • Release team stress during a busy period
  • Amplify creativity and experience an opportunity for imaginative thinking
  • Encourage the heart and enthusiasm within a team