My Show Turns 4

finalnew4cmykI have been producing a comedy and improv show called Comedian Deconstruction for four years now. My show has been recognized and won the Best New Comedy Format by the New Zealand Comedy Festival. I can not tell you how much I love this show. I was even more thrilled when my Comedian Deconstruction Show opened in New Zealand! My Show is Bi-Polar! It’s a dream come true that something of mine goes to the place I have dreamed of visiting one day. I even now am the creator of a new improv format! 

Producing this show has tough me a lot about the business of comedy as well as my abilities. I had to quickly put my entrepreneur hat on the moment I decided to produce my shows. When you do stand up, you are the Writer, Director, and Actor of your brand. When you produce you become a PR company, Manager of people, Design Flyers and find great venues. I had to match comedians with the demographic of the audience. (You don’t put a hipster comedian with their deconstructed Penis Joke in front of wealthy older suburbanites.) 

I have to learn more about the marketing,  retention of patrons and the way to best make a profit from the show. Producing quality shows that stay in the 90 min range and runs smooth keeps you on your feet.

It’s a labor of love that taught me more than I ever knew about both the business as well as a lot about myself. I will be Bringing this grand experiment to an end soon. My new career changes have me flying all over the country and makes it difficult to screen the comedians and stay up to date in the PR world. There are so many little things that make a great show. If you start scaling back, you will see all your work fall apart. I have a reputation for running a tight show that is fun for everyone involved both entertainers as well as the patrons.