Kool Projects

Projects Section is where I work on some pet projects and you can learn how to have an online presence without any programming know how at all. I will be working with WordPress and a few other free blog platforms that you can use for your needs. I will be working on some brand new sites as well as updating new sites and learning new tricks of the trade as we go along.

This process works the best for me and I find it really helps my ability to relay the information to my clients with less tech talk and help them be more engaged their solutions.

One of the things that I find with myself and this turns out to be one of the traits of Dyslexia and the Dyslexics process system: I learn from the big picture to the small details and that is the opposite of how we are taught in schools.

I think more like a Search engine (Sorry about the nerd reference),
It looks for the gist of the page. Then I look for the gist of the information.
A Search Engine thinks similarly: If you fill out your SEO info on the page properly you will have a description of the page, a list of keywords and a title as well as the content on the page.
I like to have a one sentence gist of the article or problem, a list of vocabulary words up front so I know what to expect and I will use the vocabulary to read the content properly and decipher the details message better.

So I will be working on all kinds of things like:

  • How to set up your own video blog and the things you will need.
  • How to use Word Press to create a cheaper alternative to expensive non interactive old school sites!
  • Working with Micro Sites for advertising and branding purposes.
  • Marketing and Promotion.
  • Building a website that can make some money with a downloadable.

And if you have a question or suggestion feel free to let me know @ Jess(at)Koolnonsense.com