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It’s the perfect combination of Stand-up Comedy and Improvisational Comedy.  This is as close to figuring out what is going on in the mind of a comedian as you can get.

Most people know what a Stand-up comedy show is: A “Comedian” tells some jokes and we laugh and so on… But not so many people know what “Improv Comedy” is: This is where a group of Improv performers “Make Up” a comedy show based off of a suggestion from the audience.

Comedian Deconstruction combines both of the comedy art forms into one great show!  2 comedians will each be given an Improv team chosen randomly from out of a hat. The comedian will do their set/act and then the Improv team will base their show  on the comedians act… Not a word for word recounting of the set…even better this is what they think the comedian was  saying.  This is where the Magic happens!

Turning the comedian’s jokes almost into a “Sitcom” in front of your eyes.


Comedy clubs are one of the best places to go on a date. Grab a drink and a bite you both can enjoy, and share the moment with laughter and relaxation. Enjoying comedy entertainment is actually considered an aphrodisiac.

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Comedian Deconstruction
The mind of a comedian is a dark and complex place to visit. It’s a bubbling cauldron of stark contrasts and conflicts that, when expelled, produce an energy so powerful, a humane connection so strong, it relieves a room full of people of their own subconscious and repressed desires. Comedian Deconstruction endeavors to reach inside the psyches of its stand-up comedians through an improv interpretation of their acts. Tonight, the theme is “That’s What She Said,” and it’s an all-girl lineup. The improv teams of Ebony and Ivory and Bandaid Chorleson will be deconstructing the humor of Carolyn Busa and Mary Radzinski, unfolding their minds like a sick, Freudian origami swan. -Abigail Bruley

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